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TWISK is a band; Lennart Thiem + Mario Schöning + Martina Lenzin + loops from tapes + reverb + drums + guitar + bass + singing + words + AM radio.

TWISK‘s tumblr
TWISK is associated with niedervolthoudini collective,
and Blooha UnLtd.








plastiq – 
Sirenen und Beats: Raphaela Andrade, Lena Geue & Martina Lenzin alias ‘plastiq‘ spielen mit Stimme, Potis und Keys die Musik frei.

plastiq conspires with impulsiveness, for their music is improvised. Tracks evolve from playing with beats on tapes, synthesizers and voices. The room, audience and collaborationists inspire a happening unheard-of. plastiq sounds like Kraut, Sci-Fi, a tribe of sirens. And how could anyone wonder about their lyrics? plastiq is here – in the limelight, behind the scenes, not on just anyone’s lips.

Raphaela Andrade—voice, effects, synthesizer
Lena Geue—voice, effects, synthesizer
Martina Lenzin—beats/Mbira, effects, voice


Link—>plastiq home || plastiqcamp || soundcloud || ODDWOP Collective NY



‘Zement’ – zuerst gezeigt am 13.05.2016 im Thalia Theater/Gaußstraße, Hamburg.

Tracks written for Heiner Müller’s ‘Zement’, staged by Greg Liakopoulos:
No.1 to be played mono/on stage to the left, low/adequately;

no.2 to be played stereo/from behind the audience, presently;
no.3 to be played mono/on stage to the right, aloud;
no.4 to be played stereo/on stage, change to mono/on stage to the left, when grande orgue stops/synth bass starts, aloud/adequately.

Regie: Greg Liakopoulos • Musik: Martina Lenzin • Kamera: Benjamin Hassmann • Photography: Marvin Hesse.


Frauen und Fiktion #2: ‘Lust’ – zuerst gezeigt am 18.11.2016 im Lichthof Theater, Hamburg.

Eine Arbeit von Frauen und Fiktion: Anja Kerschkewicz & Eva Kessler • Choreografie: Patricia Carolin Mai • mit Musik von: plastiq • Trailer: Paula Reissig


‘Sladek oder Die Schwarze Armee’ – zuerst gezeigt am 31.05.2015 im Malersaal, Schauspielhaus Hamburg

Regie: Anja Kerschkewicz • Musik: Lena Geue und Martina Lenzin • Kamera: Josefina Gill • Trailer: Martina Lenzin


‘Glamour Galore’ – zuerst gezeigt am 11.03.2015 auf Kampnagel/K1.


Regie: Anja Kerschkewicz • Musik: plastiq • Foto: Andreas Schlieter


‘Das Wort ist mein Anzug*’ – zuerst gezeigt am 14.11.2015 im St.Pauli Theater, Hamburg.

Regie: Anja Kerschkewicz
Musik: Lena Geue, Klaas Hübner, Panagiotis Iliopoulos, Martina Lenzin, Meredith Nicoll
Foto: Robert Schlossnickel

(*Titelverwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Autorin des gleichnamigen Stücks)






‘Bilder deiner großen Liebe’ – zuerst gezeigt am 17.10.2015 im Brutkasten/Thalia Gaußstraße.

Regie: Lea Ralfs • Live-Musik: Lena Geue, Martina Lenzin



shy shaky sharky art pop bliss — OddWop / fb


[on this recording: Kasia Dworatzek, Tom Otte, Mario Schöning]

Sound design:

TINT station identification + programme trailer “Foster Health” — animation + sound: Martina Lenzin (it’s a counterproduct!)


Comicfestival Hamburg 2017—Illustration: Karin Kraemer, Animation: Annina Brell, Musik: Martina Lenzin (it’s a counterproduct!)


‘Last Las Vegas’: an animation movie by Jannis Esselbrügge;
soundtrack by Martina Lenzin (it’s a counterproduct!);
also appearing on ‘Delivery 2 Millionaire$’/DVD collection;

solo as ‘MD e_mol’:


As there’s no place called rest – just ways to walk and good shoes – Honeyheads are trying to supply you with some decent footwear, or, at least, a nice soundtrack to wherever you’re going. Reportedly, our music sounds like a Wes Anderson movie, and if so, these might be the tunes to some sequence of that film:


Honeyheads – Live at Wimbledon 


Honeyheads – Live at Wimbledon LP
Release date: 1st of August 2013
Label: All Rock ‘N’ Roll Speeds Up Records / Catalogue No: arnrsu 000010
A1 Aged & In Love
A2 Funeral Joe
A3 Oh, Speed
A4 Exploiting the Hive
A5 (Wait) For You
B1 Autistic Artist
B2 Awake Again or
B3 Bob’s Tale
B4 Make Out Captain
B5 Palm Trees and Technology
B6 Song of Sealed Lips 
(Format: Album; 12inch vinyl + downloadcode)
Artwork by James Turek, Layout by e_mol.


Honeyheads | Tripping The Light Fantastic – Split

Tripping The Light Fantastic | Honeyheads double A-Sided Split 7Inch;
released 1st of July 2013
Label: DUFFLECOAT Records / Catalogue No: DCR511;
A1: ‘Neon Ant Colony’ (by Tripping The Light Fantastic)
A2: ‘Lover Not a Fighter’ (by Tripping The Light Fantastic)
AA1: ‘Funeral Joe’ (by Honeyheads)
AA2: ‘Song of Sealed Lips’ (by Honeyheads)
Artwork by Matthias Moravek, Layout by e_mol.
Thank You TTLF!


Honeyheads – Trivia About







Honeyheads – Trivia About LP;
released April 1st 2011 (CARGO Rec.)
[Hamburg release: February 5th 2011]
Label: MARSH-MARIGOLD / Catalogue No: Mari 34;
A1 Saturday
A2 Listen, It’s Gone
A3 It’s So Temptin’
A4 I Know
A5 It’s A Frame About Rod
A6 Akira
A7 Goodwill St.
B1 Coimbra Skyline
B2 Two Former Fists
B3 From A To B To See You
B4 Linda, Linda
B5 Waiting At A Bus Stop
B6 Whole Lotta Laundry
B7 Out Of Marseille
(Format: 12inch Vinyl + Downloadcode)
Artwork by e_mol.


Honeyheads – Trumours About Honeyheads

Honeyheads – Trumours About… C-26/Remixes;
self-published, 26/12/2011;
A1. Goodwill St. (Never gonna give Dub up) by Aufa!Fikri >5:35
A2. Listen, It’s Gone RMX by Chomolungmas Kleid >4:00
A3. Saturday: Remix #3 by Will Budberry >2:52
B1. Sebus & João Geck Samedi Remix >7:14
B2. Linda, Linda (Broken Toy Mix) by Dormouse >2:15
B3. Forever Street by Nachtigall >2:23
(Format: Compact Cassette, mp3s by request)
Artwork by Caspar.


Honeyheads– The Abelha Mestra Tapes


Honeyheads – The Abelha Mestra Tapes EP;
1) From A To B To See You
2) Coimbra Skyline
3) Out Of Marseille
(Format: mp3 Download w/ Booklet)
Artwork by e_mol.


Honeyheads– Edwyn Speaks Louder Than Kirk


Honeyheads – Edwyn Speaks Louder Than Kirk EP;
Cloudberry#82; March 2008;
1) From A To B To See You
2) Coimbra Skyline
3) Out Of Marseille
(Format: 3inch CD, limited edition)
Artwork by e_mol.


Honeyheads on Compilations:


Honeyheads do the shoe-doo on:
WordPress, too,
and fb.


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