Luka (Martina Lenzin, *1980) lives in Hamburg. She’s an illustrator/graphic designer (diploma degree) and a musician. With her band TWISK she writes, sings, plays guitar and bass. With her tribe of sirens named plastiq she improvises with beats, vocals and synth. She plays keys in LOKOMOKO. Her graphic novel ‘rpm’ was published by Reprodukt, other comic stories of hers can be found in Orang or testcard. She has produced several music videos and trailers and is always keen to design fonts, do boundary transcending artwork, push video sampling, animated drawing, film editing and producing/mixing music forward. As a member of ZOLLO collective she questions the ideas of institution, public space and service in favour of intimate polity.
With Lennart Thiem she co-published the fanzine “Transzendieren Exzess Pop”. With Thomas Klein she broadcasted the monthly radio programme “Der Trichter und sein Henkel” on Tide 96,0. Being a member of Comicfestival Hamburg e.V., together with Kathrin Klingner she was responsible for the Satellite Exhibitions in 2012 and ’13. She was a member of happy-go-lucky pop group Honeyheads from 2006-2013. Together with Marlene Krause she has run the comic anthology Two Fast Colour from 2007-2011. You could find her drawing live portraits of bands playing at Astra Stube from 2006-2016.


concerning her artwork, all counterproducts and music: e_mol [at] yahoo.com 

Unless otherwise noted all artwork on this blog by/all rights reserved by Martina Lenzin; links excepted.
Martina Lenzin is not responsible or liable for any content of sites linked on this blog. 

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