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anything PRINTed:

Poster happy welcome, friend!—Hommage to Egal Bar

Poster for Lichthof Theater
Poster series for plastiq‘s Fleetstreet Theater Residency


monthly flyer for Astra Stube

T-shirt for Rote Flora —>
T-shirt for Neopit Pilski
LOKOMOKO—From the Grotto, imaginary EP cover

record covers:

plastiq—Polvere/Radio Paraíso, double A sided 7inch vinyl

TWISK—Intimate Polity, 12inch vinyl LP
TWISK—Intimate Polity, 12inch vinyl album front cover
TWISK—Intimate Polity, 12inch vinyl album back cover
TWISK—Shook Up, digital single cover
TWISK—The Elephants, digital single cover
TWISK—Mind the Gap, digital single cover
TWISK—Kink Bone, triple A-sided single (digital)
TWISK—Pink Kong double A-sided single (digital)
TWISK—Sing Pong double A-sided single (digital)
LADA—Vitamine album cover
Emol—Motor, digital album cover
Emol—When You Can’t See what the Coney Doesn’t Hear, digital EP cover
plastiq—Plaster, vinyl album front cover
plastiq—Plaster, vinyl album back cover
Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-25 um 00.39.10
Tellavision—The Third Eye, vinyl album; cover fold-out; original design by Fee R. Kürten & Luka Lenzin
Bildschirmfoto 2017-03-25 um 00.39.28
Tellavision—The Third Eye, vinyl album; inlay fold-out; original design by Fee R. Kürten & Luka Lenzin
LOKOMOKO—Go Mi Ka Di Da Be, digital album cover
plastiq—Antidote [OST], digital album cover
Spucke/TWISK—split cassette cover/inlay
GZYGUSK release No. 1.1: Cassiel—Conversations digital EP cover
GZYGUSK release No. 1.2: ¡Son Turistas!—Backs digital single cover
GZYGUSK release No. 1.3: The Beats—Mammoth digital single cover
TWISK—TOO CD-R remix EP; front cover
niedervolthoudini—Gewuchs digital album cover
niedervolthoudini—Rayon digital EP cover
niedervolthoudini—in: The Never Ending Search for a Suitable Enemy digital album cover


Flyer for Buero für Entwicklung
Character design
Illustration Welcome Tessa!

Logo, logo type, icon, emblem:


Logo & logo type for ©GZYGUSK music label

Logo for ©CITY OSTEO/Hedda Schablowsky

Business card for ©CITY OSTEO/Hedda Schablowsky

Logo for ©Banana Poster Press

Logo for ©Banana Poster Press

TWISK logotype
Bildschirmfoto 2017-09-16 um 17.07.37
alternative TWISK emblem
Astra Stube emblem
Astra Stube club card
Emblem for Imponderabilien audio guide

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