The Elephants:

Video: Luka Lenzin (it’s a counterproduct!), Music: TWISK (


Loner of an Only Heart:

Video: drawing/animation by Luka Lenzin (it’s a counterproduct!);
Camera by Carl-John Hoffmann (niedervolthoudini);
Projections by Carl & Luka;
‘Loner of an Only Heart’ appears on TWISK’s mini-album ‘Odd Lots’.


Manifest Hollowness:

Performers: Tomma Brook, Karina Donis, Jul Gordon, Nils Rose, Lennart Thiem & Martina Lenzin;
Camera: Carl-John Hoffmann & Luka Lenzin;
Directing/Cut: Luka Lenzin (it’s a counterproduct!);
About: inspired by a group performance first initiated by Luka (staged photography, Lucerne, 2002) + inspiration refired when Nils and Luka happened to see Willi Dorner’s ‘Body Trail’ (short film, Vienna, 2008);
Manifest Hollowness’ appears on TWISK’s mini-album ‘Odd Lots’.


Dawn Nation (Idon Twanna):

‘Dawn Nation (Idon Twanna)’ by René Huthwelker
from TWISK’s remixes and edits EP ‘TOO’;
Utterly poor video devices’ footage + cut: it’s a counterproduct!


Salty and Free:

‘Salty and Free’ from TWISK’s debut album ‘TWO’;
Idea: Lennart Thiem;
Camera: Luka & Lennart; with video footage by Carl;
Cut: Luka Lenzin.



‘Uncover’ from TWISK’s debut album ‘TWO’;
Video by Luka Lenzin;
About: signs found roundabout rehearsal room and recording studio.


Awake Again or:

‘Awake Again or’ by Honeyheads from the album Live at Wimbledon;
Idea/Video projection/Cut: Luka Lenzin;
Camera: Carl-John Hoffmann;
Lightning: Thomas Klein;
Performers: Fee Kürten, Andreas Bonkowski, Lennart Thiem & Martina Lenzin.
See also |


Funeral Joe:

‘Funeral Joe’ by HONEYHEADS from the album Live at Wimbledon;
an animated dance performance by
Jul Gordon (,
Marie Hamm (,
Kathrin Klingner (,
Martina Lenzin (sic!).


Knott’sche Busdisko:

performer: Nils Knott.
co-driver: microphone•–•DAT recorder.
concept, cam/sound, cut: Luka Lenzin .
Hamburg, 2012.

Thank you, Nils!

nominated 2013 for the One Minute Film & Video Festival, Aarau/Switzerland.


A Roadmovie:

a Chalk Street Roadmovie with:
Samuele Palazzi (driver of the Duck), Marlene Krause (nimbus), Jacek Grzondziel (Zeus), Christina Gransow (tumbleweed tornado), Curie Kure (death cab Beatle driver) and Haina Fischer (Mother Holle).
Thanks to Jul Gordon for counting the seconds aloud.
Idea, design, camera & cutting: Luka.
Sound: Marlene, Samuele & Luka.

Nominated 2008 for the 10 Seconds Film Festival MINIMOTION, Zurich/Switzerland.


Stilvorlagen+Typeradio=Sweet Sixteen:

Routing System, Type*-Suit-Invasion, Aftershow Party Org, Overhead Projections & Posters for Typeradio’s 16 hours live show broadcasted on May/16th 2007 from Alexanderplatz during TYPO Berlin:
Class Prof. Heike Grebin, HAW Hamburg/Dept. Design
Evelina Augustynska, Ludmilla Bartsch, Nora-Marie Beyer, Timm Boeken, Fiona-Sophie Hinrichs, Klaas Horeis, Thomas Korf, Martina Lenzin, Jan Lidtke, Sarah März, Antje Sauer, Doro Schulze, Julia Stenzel with Bruno Setola & Elvira Barriga.
Documentation Movie: Evelina Augustynska, Timm Boeken, Martina Lenzin, Doro Schulze.

Listen to the final song “Z is for End Song” of the Sweet Sixteen broadcast, written/performed/recorded by e_mol:


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