rpm rpm page 49

The graphic novel debut by Luka (Martina Lenzin), published in January 2011 by REPRODUKT; 142 pages, 15 €. (you look at the front cover and page 49.)

The story: Tin is unsatisfied with punk´s idle and destructive revolt against thatcherism. He´s inspired by the Situationist International believing that only immediacy and independent interventions in culture will give people political majority back. Tin starts his D.I.Y. label COUNTER PRODUCT with a fanzine. The first band, named THE DOES, appearing on Tin´s label is also busy organizing self-help for the underprivileged from their base, a collectivist squat. Both the bands and the makers of the scene meet at BOILER, record shop and distributor – and galvanizer of the musical styles of its visitors, Punk, Reggae, Post Punk, Electro Funk…

read/download a review (in german) by Sven Jachmann for DER TAGESSPIEGEL/april 23d 2011: Anarchie und Alltag


The Astra Stube Chronicles

= Live bands real-time sketched by Luka whilst serving beer. (How dare you to order drinks instead of surrendering to the music anyway?!)
The Astra Stube Chronicles Part 1: 75 bands in 92 sketches/21cm x 21 cm/May ’08/run: 28 copies; sold out.
TASC Part 2, the double issue: 74 bands in 71 sketches/2x DIN A5 portrait/1st edition Sept. ’09, run: 50 copies/2nd edition April ’10, run: 50 copies; 7€.
TASC Part 3 also features artwork by Jacob Steingroot, Juval Haring, Marcus Schäfer, Marissa Paternoster, Matt King, Pencil Quincy, Rasmus Engler & Sebastian Feld; 56 pages/DIN A5 landscape/released Oct. 21st ’11, run: 77 copies; 6€.
– See Astra Stube’s programme here.
– See posts tagged ‘the astra stube chronicles’.


Two Fast Colour

Hamburg based international comic anthology edited by comic artists Marlene Krause and Luka.
TFC#1: published in September 2007 || TFC#2: published in July 2008 || TFC#3: published in May 2009 || TFC#4: published in December 2011 (still available, 64 pages, 6€).

^ = inner front and back covers of the double issue TFC#3, a mash up of Rusty Jordans’s drawings by e_mol
^ = cover by Rui Tenreiro; font by e_mol
^ = cover by Rui Tenreiro; font by e_mol
TFC #4 – page 1 of e_mol's story
^ = TFC #4 – page 1 of e_mol’s story

Two Fast Colour’s brand new blog

all featured artists:
Richard Short
Jul Gordon
Christina Gransow
Anna Haifisch
Teppei Ando
Anne-Charlotte Gauthier
Rui Tenreiro
Inga Sætre
Anna Sailamaa
Alice Socal
Jean-Michel Bertoyas
Anne Vagt
Kati Rickenbach
Rusty Jordan
Birgit Weyhe
Panaiyotis Terzis
Morgan Navarro
Quentin Vijoux
Benjamin Constantine/Sea


testcard: “Parolen aus der Stadt – Abenteuer eines Wolfes”

Ein Fortsetzungscomic von Sascha Hommer & Luka (Martina Lenzin) für testcard (zu sehen: Seite 1 der ersten Episode/testcard #22 “Fleisch”)

Hommer/Lenzin – Folge 3, Seite 3
Hommer/Lenzin – Folge 3, Seite 3



ORANG #10: “Heavy Metal”

Comic anthology ORANG is edited by Sascha Hommer, Arne Bellstorf, Klaas Neumann & Till D. Thomas and published by REPRODUKT. Orang #10/”Heavy Metal” involves 17 comic artists and their stories on 172 pages.  ->
(You look at page 2 of my short story “Black”):



(^ = cover by Jul Gordon and double page out of “Beauty School Drop Out” by Jul with Luka)

Pomade is an anthology based on the movie Grease. Six comic artists – Ludmilla Bartscht, Lilli Gärtner, Jul Gordon, Christina Gransow, Birgit Weyhe & Luka (Martina Lenzin) – developed the characters and translated each a sequence of the film into drawn chapters that coalesce as a shrill  tale about love, cars and other highschool issues.
This 80 page comic book is available in English and German.


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