‘Polvere/Radio Paraíso’ 7” feat. plastiq, LXMP, 13 Year Cicada & René Huthwelker out now

‘Polvere/Radio Paraíso’—two scenes from ‘Interstation’:
‘Interstation’ is an evolving tale, it is music arranged for space and it is collective artistic practice. ‘Interstation’ spanned two months in 2019 and took place at Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg. plastiq has collaborated with LXMP on ‘Interstation’ in week n°2, with 13 Year Cicada in week n°8 and with René Huthwelker in week n°9. The in situ recordings were then edited in a manner of collage by Luka Lenzin at Süder5 and mixed/mastered by Boris Vogeler at Roter Raum.

Music: Christopher Hotti Böhm, Lena Geue, Luka Lenzin, Macio Moretti, Philip Theurer, Piotr Zabrodzki, Raphaela Andrade Cordova, René Huthwelker, Zooey Agro.
Artwork: it’s a counterproduct!

‘Polvere/Radio Paraíso’ double A-sided single is available on 7″ vinyl, pressed at Ameise, Hamburg.


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