Squirrel—Fluffy Yolo plastiq Remix

13 YEAR CICADA announce

⓪① ⓎⒺⓈ

we asked 8 artists / bands that accompany our path to do reworks of the songs of our last album 00YES. What came out is a bag full of joy – some songs seemed to find their truest meaning only in the reworked form, some were surprising us ear-falling-off-of-our-heads-style by the second, and at ALL times we felt grateful as hell to know people as crazy as you:
Catia Lanfranchi aka Eko Nori ekonori.com
Golden Disko Ship goldendiskoship.com
Michael Hoppe michaelhoppe.bandcamp.com
Niklas Kraft aka Diane Fries fluessig.org
Tommy Lobo tommylobo.wtf
plastiq plastiq.one
So Beast sobeast.com
Lukas Huber lukashuber.net

mastered by Stefan Brüggemann Mastering Room, artwork by Josef Maaß (josefmaass.hotglue.me) and put out by our one and only love, Gandula. Out on cassette at our next mini-tour starting next thursday February 27, put together for you and us by beautiful pøj pøj.

We will guide you through each song during the following weeks, but for now you can listen to everything at once here:

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