nEw ViDeO/new song by TWISK: ‘Manifest Hollowness’

zolinsagt.dePremiere, premiere! See here:

[ Video information:
• performers: Tomma Brook, Karina Donis, Jul Gordon, Nils Rose, Lennart Thiem & Martina Lenzin;

camera: Carl-John Hoffmann & Martina Lenzin;
directing/cut: Martina Lenzin (it’s a counterproduct!);
about: inspired by a group performance first initiated by Martina (staged photography, Lucerne, 2002*) + inspiration refired when Nils and Martina happened to see Willi Dorner’s ‘Body Trail’ (short film, Vienna, 2008).
• ‘Manifest Hollowness’ will appear on TWISK’s mini-album ‘Odd Lots’,
to be released on DVD + digitally, 21/11/2014. ]


(Samuel Jordi, 2002)
(Samuel Jordi, 2002)
(Isabelle Bühler, 2002)
(Isabelle Bühler, 2002)
(Martina Lenzin, 2002)
(Martina Lenzin, 2002)
(Samuel Jordi, 2002)
(Samuel Jordi, 2002)

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