Delivery from Hamburg

poster by e_mol
poster by e_mol available at our stand

‘Delivery from Hamburg’ is a temporary initiative from Hamburg-based artists Kathrin Klingner, Wolfgang Müller-Wichards and Martina Lenzin. In cooperation with their favourite bookshop ‘Strips&Stories’, they deliver a fine and very subjective collection of printed and audible* matter from Hamburg to ‘The Millionaires Club‘ (from March 14th to 16th in Leipzig).

mixtape by e_mol
strictly limited 13 songs mixtape by e_mol

*Delivery from Hamburg’s records choices:
• KiRRiN iSLAND / A Thousand Vows – ‘Places’ (Cassette w/download)
• TWISK – ‘TWO’ (Cassette w/download)
• various – ‘A Delivery 2 Millionaires’ (Mixtape, exclusively for TMC)
• Hoffmann&Huthwelker – ‘Tribe (not Empire)’ (CD-R)
• niedervolthoudini – ‘Rayon’ (CD-R)
• niedervolthoudini – ‘Gewuchs’ (CD-R)
• niedervolthoudini – ‘in: The Never Endling Search for a Suitable Enemy’ (CD-R)
• Honeyheads – ‘Live at Wimbledon’ (LP)
• LADA – ‘Vitamine’ (LP w/download)


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