The works

Top-notch gems to look forward to:
◊ HONEYHEADS && DER ELEGANTE REST @ Astra Stube, Hamburg on March 27th
◊ March 16th – April 16th: work in progress bands @ Westwerk, Hamburg w/ HONEYHEADS, presented by niedervolthoudini
◊ HONEYHEADS && THE MONOCHROME SET @ Fundbureau, Hamburg on April 19th
◊ HONEYHEADS @ Unten, Kassel on May 11th
◊ HONEYHEADS @ hinZundkunZ / Georg-Schwarz-Straßen-Fest, Leipzig on May 12th
TESTCARD #22 (“Fleisch” / “Meat”) will feature the first sequel of a comic strip by Sascha Hommer/Martina Lenzin

◊ …and HONEYHEADS are going to record ! 10 ! new ! songs ! this ! early ! spring !


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