Small Press Explorer

Comicfestival Hamburg e.V. presents Small Press Explorer:

Thursday, 22/09 – Saturday, 24/09,
featuring exhibitions by The Treasure Fleet (Berlin) @ Magazin (Teilfeld 8, 20459 Hamburg), 
(Helsinki) @ Galerie auf Halb Acht (Hein-Hoyer-Str. 16, 20359 Hamburg),
Biologisch Abbaubare Illusionen (Bielefeld) @ Galerie Linda e.V. (Seilerstrasse 36, 20359 Hamburg)
& Small Press Expo @ Strips&Stories (Seilerstrasse 40, 20359 Hamburg = festival opening on Thursday at 7 p.m. + permanent centre)
> Programme / Reeperbahnfestival

Two Fast Colour No.4 will be available p!r!e!-!r!e!l!e!a!s!e! @ Strips&Stories


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