half-bake-ry (re-edit)

  1. Chronicles #3 will display artwork of band members who performed at Astra Stube. Marissa (SCREAMING FEMALES), Raoul (DIGGER BARNES/PENCIL QUINCY), Tomas & Matt (DD/MM/YYYY) and TV BUDDHAS are already in, yay! Release show feat. thee BUDDHAS live @ Astra Stube on 21st of October. …Anyone out there please tell Alexis Gideon to parrrticipate, too!
  2. DJing the ping pong way with Arne Bellstorf @ STRIPS&STORIES on the occasion of the release of Kati Rickenbach‘s new graphic novel “Jetzt kommt später” was great. Plus the book store came up with the spurring idea of having JEFFREY LEWIS on 24th of July for a sunday afternoon’s live sketching quiz… to be confirmed!
  3. Thanks to Münzviertel Straßenfest – superb stage sound (with our voices cresting shoegazer heights)! [While I’m at shoegazing…: Thank you Mark Gardener, please, please never quit singing! (No thanks to self-praising stupidos who actually have no passion for music and therefore are above promoting concerts but through F***book.) Anyway, that was the second incident reminding me of Thierry (MY RAINING STARS) who once wrote to HONEYHEADS: “It’s really strange, when she sings low, she has exactly the same voice as Mark Gardener & Andy Bell” – he killed me! And back to the essential:…] More heights in my forthcoming HONEYHEADS song – Word!

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